The Wilson Foundation

The Wilson Foundation was established by Karen and Geoff Wilson in 2002 to consolidate and strengthen the family’s philanthropic initiatives. Their daughter Amelia has been involved in the Wilson Foundation since its establishment, becoming a director in 2012. The Foundation has invested in Australian and international initiatives, previously in the areas of mental health, children at risk, medical research, music and the arts, education, homelessness, disaster relief and foreign aid. Following a strategic review in 2017 the Foundation has streamlined its efforts and is now focused solely on the area of mental health in order to deepen its impact in this area.


Karen Wilson

Karen is Chair of the Wilson Foundation and the driving force behind the Foundation’s focus and strategy. Karen is a qualified Naturopath and has a particular interest in transformative evidence based approaches to mental health and wellbeing.


Geoff Wilson

Geoff has 37 years’ experience in the Australian and international finance industry. He is Chairman of the Wilson Asset Management Group and founder and director of the Future Generation Investment Companies. Geoff has diverse business and philanthropic interests including a number of public company and charitable Board positions.


Amelia Wilson

Amelia Wilson is an active young philanthropist with qualifications in design and a passion for making a difference. Amelia is the Content and Design Specialist at Advance in New York.


Peter Velez

Peter is a corporate lawyer with almost 30 years' experience. He has a strong background in corporate governance and understands its importance in ensuring enterprises operate efficiently and ethically. Peter assisted with the establishment of the Future Generation Investment companies and is committed to providing legal services on a pro bono basis.


Kirsten Ross
Foundation Manager

Kirsten is responsible for the Wilson Foundation’s operational management, research and partnerships. Previously, Kirsten was Executive Officer at the Blackwood Foundation and acting CEO of the Positive Education Schools Association.