Wilson Foundation Strategy

With the current prevalence of mental ill-health and the significant costs this imposes on both individuals and the economy, new and innovative strategies to mental health are urgently required.

In 2018 the Wilson Foundation made a decision to further align its efforts to place brain and mental health at the forefront of the Foundation’s focus, which has now come to fruition.

The Wilson Foundation is partnering with three university institutions and Australia’s peak body of Lifestyle Medicine. Our university partners are undertaking innovative research across nutritional psychiatry, addictions and compulsions, dementia and healthy brain ageing. In addition the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) represents and advocates for Lifestyle Medicine to healthcare professions, policy makers and the general public, including curriculum units in GP training.

Through these partnerships it is the Foundation’s intention to support and facilitate collaboration in the area of evidence-based, non-pharmacological approaches to improving brain and mental health outcomes.